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CONTACT: Eric D. Goodman, Public Relations Director

DATE: March 17, 2008

EMAIL: edgewriter@gmail.com

Mary Gaitskill Headlines Authors at Fitzgerald Spring Event

Renowned author Mary Gaitskill will read from her work at the Spring Event of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference. The event takes place at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, April 4 at the Rockville Vis Arts Center.

Mary Gaitskill has been nominated for the National Book Award, National Book Critics’ Circle Award and PEN/Faulkner Award. She is the author of Two Girls, Fat and Thin; Veronica; Bad Behavior; and Because They Wanted To. Her short story “Secretary” was made into a feature film.

Gaitskill will be joined by four local authors: Dave Housley (Ryan Seacrest is Famous), Nathan Leslie (Madre, Believers), Susan Muaddi-Darraj (The Inheritance of Exile), and Lalita Noronha (Where Monsoons Cry).

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Gaitskill and other talented authors read from their work. The event is free to members of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference, Inc. and their guests, and the cost is $10 for the general public. There will be a minimal charge for students. Parking at Town Center is free after 7 p.m., and refreshments will be served.

For directions to the Vis Arts Center, visit www.visartscenter.org.

To learn more about this event or about the F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference, Inc., email FSFconference@gmail.com or potomacrevieweditor@montgomerycollege.edu.

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If a Book Festival comes to your town this weekend, GO. If ever a time was more important to support your fellow writers, poets, screenwriters, authors etc. Now is the time. I had a chance to check out the Southern Festival of Books in beautiful downtown Nashville, TN. The weather cooperated beautifully and hundreds upon hundreds of vendors and writers of all kinds and from all over the world were there in force.

I got to see the C-SPAN bookmobile parked at the entrance, talk to some fellow writers on publishing, self-publishing and other issues that are important to wordsmiths. And, made some good contacts and some good ideas to try myself.

So, do yourself a favor. Support your fellow writer!

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What a fascinating time I had with Taryn. Originally we were going to have her co-author join us from China yet, unfortunately he was on call on his regular job yet Taryn has a wealth of knowledge about whether to self-publish or not, what a ghost writer is, collaborating by email ~ which she and Alan did; not yet having EVER spoken with each other ~ and then, the story of their book ~ The Mango Tree Cafe; Loi Kroh Road.

What a fascinating story I had the pleasure of reading. Taking place in Thailand the story weaves around the main character Larry and how he went from living on a farm to being gently urged by his father to do more with his life. With that, the tale begins and centers around the characters on Loi Kroh Road; his love for Heather and Noo, having the “sight” and what he learned in that time. This is a definite “must read”. Please enjoy our interview.



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Not only is the book reading like a Who’s Who, read below for the HUGE NEWS!

“The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road” is….

* Being shown at the Beijing, China International Book Fair at the end of this month

* Competing for Best Fiction Novel according to USABookNews.com

* Accumulating Interview Requests from

– Linda Della Donna (http://www.griefcase.blogspot.com/)
– Revvell (http://www.revvellations.com/)
– Virtual Book Review (http://www.virtualbookreview.com/)

* Selected as Book of the Month to read by an Australian book club

* Advertised heavily in “Ideas, Goals and Dreams” Magazine to premier in Sept 2007

* Scheduled to be translated into Chinese and Mandarin languages


“The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road” will compete for

Best Fiction Novel for the Pulitzer Prize!!!!


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Paid a visit to one of my favorite watering holes this past weekend. Bellied up to the bar and plopped 5 copies of “The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road” next to me as the bartender slid a cool one in front of me.

Of course, my friends bought them eagerly and began reading excerpts of it. “Hey, this really looks good! Can’t wait to read it!” each of them said. I smiled and thanked them. I know they are going to LOVE it. More than they know.

Then, a guy catches my eye at the corner of the bar. He’s staring at the book and has a haircut that indicates he might be in the military. He asks me, “Is that book sort of philosophical?” I nod yes. “Why do you ask?” He nods and says that he went to Chiang Mai to find himself.

“The countryside is gorgeous. Very primitive in sections. But it gives you such a sense of being able to look within.” I smile and know he’ll enjoy the book.

“I began every morning by jogging on Loi Kroh Road. The bars were closing down from the previous night, there were still some party revelers stumbling home and there were some like me listening for answers. I even saw The Mango Tree Cafe. It’s true what you said in that book.”

“What do you mean?” I ask. “The legend is true. You’re changed forever when you go on that street. Scary stuff….” He shakes his head and buys me a beer.

I get the impression he still searches for answers.

Want to buy the booK? Click here: http://www.lulu.com/content/1019489#
Taryn Simpson is a freelance ghostwriter who recently co-wrote “The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road” with her co-writer, Alan Solomon. Read about the novel: http://www.MangoTreeCafe-LoiKrohRoad.blogspot.com

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I know that title sounds awfully conceited, but I assure you, I am truly blessed to have had this project plop into my lap as it did. I feel like I just co-wrote the best book of my career. And, this magical book has provided some opportunities and surprises along the way:

1. The book was shipped to New York last week and is on its way to the Beijing, China International Book Fair. Hopefully, the book sellers in this region will request to carry the book in their stores which will increase the book’s popularity.

2. Someone created a Yahoo group for the Book! It’s called “MangoTreeCafe” and everyone reading this blog is welcome to join by CLICKING HERE

3. As I mentioned before, the book is for sale and you can order a copy (or several hundred!) by CLICKING HERE

4. Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank everyone here at the Writer’s Block for being patient while I blabbed incessantly about “The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road”! Its an important book and I believe will be very successful (From my mouth, to God’s ear as my grandmother always said).



I would love to hear from anyone who has bought the book. Now to continue Marketing the book. A writer’s job is never done. 🙂

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My partner and I have decided to self-publish and with good reason. The Beijing Book Fair is coming up in August and my partner would like to pander our wares to book sellers.

We also decided to self-publish because of a newsletter I received yesterday. It was from a well-known author that stated she published with Lulu.com because no one, including agents and publishers would pay attention to her because she was a “nobody”. She began self publishing her book and sent it to another author with better connections and she was blown away.

This blown away author sent it to her agent who in turn sent it to a large publishing house who decided to buy it. That’s the way it is these days…unless you have the collateral to appease a Simon and Schuster or Random House, authors have to fend for themselves and show that “the proof is in the pudding”.

This powerful book (if I do say so myself) will be offered shortly on Barnes and Noble and Amazon as well as the blog. When that happens, you can rest asuured that I will blab all about it right here.

Just think; 1 author in Beijing, China; the other in Nashville, TN, 1 internet connection = 1 helluva good read.

Taryn Simpson is a professional ghostwriter and has recently completed a novel with her writing partner, Alan Solomon, “The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road”. Keep up with the latest on the book and how it fares at the Beijing, China Book Fair. http://www.MangoTreeCafe-LoiKrohRoad.blogspot.com

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[Simpson-E Publishing]

Nashville, TN (PressExposure) May 17, 2007 — Two writers, each worlds away from the other have recently completed the novel, The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road”.The co-writers, Alan Solomon and Taryn Simpson live in different parts of the world and used the internet as their sole means to collaborate on this riveting, emotional novel. Solomon, who lives in Beijing, China and Taryn Simpson who lives in Nashville, TN has heard from countless literary fans from England, Scotland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Beijing, Australia, Belgium, South Wales, South America, South Africa, Canada and the United States, and more, thanks to a blog that details the writing experience and their progress of marketing the book worldwide.

BOOK TAKES PLACE ON LEGENDARY MYSTICAL ROAD The book is a work of fiction based loosely on Alan Solomon’s life in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The main character buys a restaurant near the jungles of Thailand that sits upon the most legendary mystical road in the world. Legend states that whoever walks upon Loi Kroh Road will be forever changed or shall never be seen or heard from again. In fact, the English translation of “Loi Kroh Road” is “Wash Your Bad Luck Away”.

The authors are seeking representation and a publishing deal and can be reached for interviews or more details below.

Taryn Simpson
100 Nashboro Greens
Nashville, TN 37217
Phone: (615)414-3217
Email: TSim681157@aol.com

Alan Solomon Email: Alan.surrenderdorothy@gmail.com
Website: http://www.MangoTreeCafe-LoiKrohRoad.blogspot.com

About Simpson-E Publishing: We are a writing service for individuals and businesses. We specialize in ghostwriting novels, articles, web content and more.
Press Release Source: http://PressExposure.com/PR/Simpson~E_Publishing.html
Press Release Submitted On: May 17 15:18:47, 2007

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I’m putting together my March newsletter and I like to declare a deserving soul as “Writer of the Month.” So. Tell me why you should be “Writer of the Month”.

A paragraph will do, telling me about your writing, business or whatever you do in the craft of writing. Send me an email to TSim681157@aol.com with this info and a link you would like me to include and I will do so.

I’ll announce the winner on March 1st in The Writer’s Pub.
Good Luck! (Free advertising kids, my favorite four lettered “F” word)

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I just received this e-mail and thought some here might find it useful.  A representative from Hastings Books will be at the fair to discuss getting authors’ books in their store.  I will be at the fair, and I know of one other from the Writers’ Cafe who will be in attendance.


Greetings, friends and fans of the North Texas Book Festival,
and Happy Groundhog Day!

According to the major media, the little Punxsutawney fella did not see his shadow today, so spring is just around the corner! With spring comes many exciting things, not the least of which (to our thinking) is the North Texas Book Festival. Here is the latest news from those of us who are working to bring the 7th Annual Festival, 3rd Annual Book Trails Dinner, and 1st Annual NTBF Book Awards to fruition!

Festival Update
We have just confirmed participation by WordWright.biz, Inc., a royalty publisher and author incubator located in the Texas Big Bend town of Alpine. Steve Neubauer and several of the WordWright authors will give a presentation about getting your book published, and will offer one-on-one consulting with authors throughout the day. Visit www.WordWright.biz and see if your as-yet-unpublished book meets their needs, and plan to sign up for a brief conference with them on Festival day (April 21). Even if it doesn’t, attend the presentation and get some ideas on how to move that as-yet-unpublished work to the next level!

We are also hoping to have Randall Ham of Hastings Entertainment give a short presentation on how Hastings can help authors get their books in their stores, and set up signing events. Hastings stores are located all over Texas and in many other states as well, so this will be a valuable resource for you.

Book Trails Dinner Update
I am not going to give anything away, so this update is brief and to the point: It will be the Best. One. Ever. Please visit www.ntbf.org for a reservation form and return it with your payment by April 15.

NTBF Book Award Update
The books received for the Award competition are currently being read by our panel of evaluators. I see some of them from time to time and they are saying how much they are enjoying the books, and how amazed they are at the caliber of the writing. One thing they are all saying is that it is going to be difficult to narrow it down to three finalists in each of the two categories for this inaugural year of the award. Once they do, the finalists will be notified by March 15. Best wishes to all of you who have entered!

Haven’t yet signed up for the Festival or the Book Trails Dinner? Why, are you waiting to see your shadow?? Make plans now to participate in the North Texas Book Festival, Saturday, April 21, in Denton! Please return your registration form by March 1 to be sure your name is included in the festival program! Visit www.ntbf.org for the registration form and more info about the upcoming event. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will devise an answer (I am, after all a fiction writer).
See you there!
Crystal Wood
Festival Chairman and Executive Vice President of Unclaimed Priorities

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