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Hillary or Obama?

What’s your take? We are faced in this country with 2 “firsts” in this election. The first woman president and the first black president possibility. And, it appears that the country is really wrestling with these two choices.

Personally, I’m backing Hillary. Not just because she is a woman. Here are my reasons:

She is smart. Dare I say, smarter than Bill Clinton and that is really something.

She has been investigated almost the entire 8 years that she was first lady. There are no more surprises. She’s been though it, and we all know her skeletons.

She has a passion to straighten out health care. She tried to overhaul the healthcare industry in 93, but the Washington cronies weren’t about to have a first lady tackle such a “Presidential” task.

She comes with a built in advisor, former president Bill Clinton. Our country is in such disarray, she is going to need all the resources available to her.

She has pledged to take away corporate america’s tax incentives if they ship jobs overseas.

It took a Clinton to clean up Bush Sr’s mess and it will take a Clinton to clean up after Jr’s mess.

During the Clinton years, we had a paid off debt with a surplus of funds to boot. People were employed, the stock market was booming and people weren’t worried about losing their home.

I’m not sure about Obama. The press is reluctant to expose his skeletons. I’m not sure why…the probing questions just aren’t there like they were for Hillary. He’s a talented orator to be sure, but I just have a nagging feeling there is more to the story than he lets on. Yet, he is doing the traditional politics crap that they all do. Yet, he isn’t called on it. Why?
Either way….do the right thing and vote for your choice.

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It’s 8:45 p.m. and the Maryland polls aren’t closed yet. A judge ordered an extension due to the bad weather.

So far, with 61% of the votes counted in Virgina, Obama is ahead. I will be very surprised if he doesn’t win Maryland as well.

Yesterday, I attended the Stand for Change Rally with Barack Obama at the 1st Mariner Arena. Over 15,000 people packed the space to capacity–young and old, various races and ethnic groups, women and men. The crowd was excited, and from the second Obama walked on stage, there wasn’t a boring moment. Not only did he connect with the audience, he outlined clear plans for the future and showed that he, too, is realistic about–and prepared for–the challenges ahead.

H. Clinton is now in Texas, where she hopes to re-energize her campaign after back-to-back losses and the firing/stepping down of her campaign manager. But Hillary is expected to win Texas and Ohio.

(CNN now reports that Barack is now ahead in the delegate count by 2–1170 to 1168.)

McCain is likely to win the GOP vote in Maryland and is projected as the winner in Virgina. But Huckabee is closer in the polls than almost anyone expected . . .


See where they stand on the issues:






Nancy O. Greene

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Political campaigns are in full swing, and these are just some of the thoughts I’ve been having as the time to vote gets closer. I’m sure there is much more to go into–and these thoughts aren’t likely to be anything “new”–but in the interest of time, I’m only going to highlight a few of the points.

Like anybody else, I have my concerns about the future of America. Some statistics (which are usually about as trustworthy as your average politician) say that Americans are falling behind in just about every major area–education, productivity, etc.,. Education is a big concern here in Baltimore. However, violence is one area in which America seems to be leading, and again, Baltimore is at the forefront. A truly “charming” city full of promise, one that rivals any other major city, it’s also plagued by one of the worst crime rates in America. Supposedly worse than New York, if you can imagine that.

Every year politicians claim they’re going to lower the crime rate, improve education, improve the relationship between the police and the people, improve housing and the job market, and every year–with few exceptions–it’s the same old same old. Where are the politicians that care beyond election day? When Shelia Dixon (Baltimore’s interim Mayor) addresses the issues, it’s usually a typical loop over and over again. She’s not responsible for this or that, she’s “working on” this or that. The outlines seem to be there, and yet crime in the city has gone up since she took over. The educational system is still in bad shape. Granted, she hasn’t had much time to prove herself as Mayor, but she exhibited the same reluctance to take responsibility before she took the office. I’d like to believe in her, but in such a situation, belief does not proceed results.

Back to the concern about America as a whole; one thing that worries me is the constant talk about the “fact” that America is not ready for a woman President (Hillary Clinton) or a black President (Obama Barack). Regardless of who I may vote for, I wonder if we as a country are so far behind that a person’s gender or ethnicity really still weighs so heavily as a factor when it comes to the well-being of the nation. After everything that this country has been through in the past few years, one would think that voting for the best person for the job would be at the forefront, not voting for the person that “makes [me] feel comfortable” or whom “[I’d] like to have a beer with”. Of course there are factions in this country that have their own ulterior agendas, but what about the majority?

True, human nature doesn’t change over night and politicians don’t work alone. The political campaigns are still popularity contests where charisma, looks, and money matter as much as (if not more than) ideas, strategy, and ideals. There are few politicians that can balance the two sides effectively. Usually, if a candidate is charismatic, he or she lacks substance; if they are strong on ideas and ideals, they lack social skills. Occasionally someone comes along that can wow the crowds and actually has a solid plan for improving the country for everyone, but they seem to be few and far between.

While I’m far from the gloom and doom type, I do think that as things move at a faster pace globally, Americans on the whole have to elect politicians that can help us make real progress at home and on the global stage, not make us stagnant–or even worse–throw us back into the dark ages. It may still be a field where one has to select the lesser of the evils, but voting (if our votes still truly matter) based on irrelevant issues has to be a thing of the past if America is going to remain relevant on the world’s stage.
Nancy O. Greene

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