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That’s the title of my new novel with Alan Solomon. Check out the foreward I wrote for it. I would be interested to hear feedback.

Hello all, the last time I started a blog to promote a book, it was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. So hence, here I am again, starting the journey once again with my co-writer who currently hails from Beijing, China. We’ve never met…or talked by phone. We’ve only emailed and instant messaged each other on GMail. A true novelty to be sure. You’ve read a bit of what the book is about, but here is more to ponder as we go through this journey together. Questions? email me at : TSim681157@aol.com . I look forward to hearing from you!

This book is lovingly and gently dedicated to those who struggle with the desire to abandon the intangible sense of differentness that lay so clumsily inside.

There are those who will understand the pain and grief that plagues the main character in this story. After all, one misfit can spot another instinctively. The uncomfortablness of living in one”s skin is a constant reminder of the lonliness of never being understood.

I”m not sure why some souls feel more isolated than others. The grip of being different is so tightly embedded inside those of us that the silence of peculiarity remains imprisoned. There is an all encompassing pain that endure from being different. I do not understand why this is. I simply know that I feel it too.

So, if you find yourself browsing through this book, your secret of being different has been discovered.

No worries, your secret is safe here.

Taryn Simpson – http://www.HePlayedtheGame.blogspot.com

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Hillary or Obama?

What’s your take? We are faced in this country with 2 “firsts” in this election. The first woman president and the first black president possibility. And, it appears that the country is really wrestling with these two choices.

Personally, I’m backing Hillary. Not just because she is a woman. Here are my reasons:

She is smart. Dare I say, smarter than Bill Clinton and that is really something.

She has been investigated almost the entire 8 years that she was first lady. There are no more surprises. She’s been though it, and we all know her skeletons.

She has a passion to straighten out health care. She tried to overhaul the healthcare industry in 93, but the Washington cronies weren’t about to have a first lady tackle such a “Presidential” task.

She comes with a built in advisor, former president Bill Clinton. Our country is in such disarray, she is going to need all the resources available to her.

She has pledged to take away corporate america’s tax incentives if they ship jobs overseas.

It took a Clinton to clean up Bush Sr’s mess and it will take a Clinton to clean up after Jr’s mess.

During the Clinton years, we had a paid off debt with a surplus of funds to boot. People were employed, the stock market was booming and people weren’t worried about losing their home.

I’m not sure about Obama. The press is reluctant to expose his skeletons. I’m not sure why…the probing questions just aren’t there like they were for Hillary. He’s a talented orator to be sure, but I just have a nagging feeling there is more to the story than he lets on. Yet, he is doing the traditional politics crap that they all do. Yet, he isn’t called on it. Why?
Either way….do the right thing and vote for your choice.

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I have seen so many authors do virtual booksignings as well as “physical” bookstore signings only to be followed up with book trailers, blogging, digging, delicioso-ing, podcast interviews and other networking sites.

My question is this: What works for YOU? Did the booktrailer spark interest? Was it having people post comments on your blog? Did booksignings boost your sales at all?

I guess I’m wondering, What is the next big thing? The reason why I ask is because I was checking my sales in the U.K. for one of my books and they were KILLER! And, I haven’t done anything special to promote the book there….

C’mon Authors….Do Tell!

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I was surfing the net a couple of days ago and found where “The First Ever Writer’s Cruise” was being offered! Of course, this particular cruise has already taken place, but it looks like more are to come! Check it out. Another fringe benefit of being a writer! So get your laptops and sun screen and sit by the pool while drinking a strawberry daquiri! Time to finish up your book!

Find out more here.
Taryn Simpson is a fulltime freelance writer with 10 books to her credit, numerous articles, writer for MyParkinsonsinfo.com and more. Her latest work is nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, to be announced April 7, 2008. Wish me luck! http://www.Taryn-Simpson.blogspot.com

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Jason WalkerThis post isn’t directly about writing. But, it is about life. And, to me anyway, that makes this post about writing.

Remember my friend, Jason Walker? Yep, he is the co-author of “Missing My Body” and he and his family are in DIRE need of a Full Size, Wheelchair Equipped Van. As you may remember, Jason has Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy and I do believe he is the oldest living MD patient if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway, as you can imagine, living with this horrible disease is very costly and in order to transport Jason anywhere, his family must have a van.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Taryn Simpson is a fulltime freelance author. Her latest work (The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road) has been nominated (yes, nominated) for a Pulitzer Prize. Be sure to check out her presskit: http://www.Taryn-Simpson.blogspot.com

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Last night we were traveling down Old Murfreesboro Road where the blackness of the night hung in the air as thick as pea soup fog.

I spotted a couple of cars that had stopped on the side of the road that had appeared to be in a fender bender situation. I slowed the car down and asked if we could help…a young man was visibly upset and told us that everyone was ok, but he hit a baby deer and it was hurt.

In the meantime, another young man was trying his best to grab the deer so that he could finish it off and proclaim the poor animal as “dinner”. I yelled at him to ask if anyone called animal control or the ASPCA. He gave me a sour look and dropped the deer and left.

We quickly called the police and animal control and the 3 of us, strangers to all, stared at this beautiful deer in the night, trying to talk and soothe it’s shattered nerves. The deer finally stopped struggling and watched us as much as we were watching it.

I could see the shallow panting and the blood on the ground that was spilled as he darted into traffic, smack dab into a Pontiac Vibe. I noticed the deer’s tongue was soaked with blood and knew that it wasn’t looking good for this little doe-eyed beauty. Hopefully, the animal expert would be here to sedate it and take care of it.

The swirling colors of blue, white and red filled up the sky as the cop soon arrived. He didn’t say much except to check on the animal expert. The deer by now had grown accustomed to our faces and had a sense of trust that we were trying to help him.

The animal expert showed up and flashed a light on the deer. We offered ideas on how best to move the deer and asked if he was going to sedate it first.

He looked at us with disdain as he spoke to the cop quietly. “What are you going to do?” my partner asked. “Maam, step away from the animal.” is all he would say. He had a huge bulbous stomach that had stretched out the ragged polo shirt he was wearing. He went to his truck and got a revolver.

We all 3 were incredulous. My partner demanded his badge number, to which he replied:

“Maam, step away from the animal. If you try to interfere with my job, I’ll take you downtown.” So there we had it…she had been threatened by the poster boy for “Hunters R Us”. We all 3 looked at the doe again and began to cry. The little guy trusted that we were going to help him.

I can only hope that the gunshot ended his pain quickly. I know that for me, that gunshot is still ringing in my ears and isn’t likely to stop my pain anytime soon.

Taryn Simpson is a Pulitzer Prize Nominee for her book, “The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road”, which was written with her co-writer in Beijing, China. The 2 writers have yet to speak to each other or meet in person for that matter. Check out the book here: http://www.Taryn-Simpson.blogspot.com

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The other day I saw an advertisement for a movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman’s latest movie, entitled: “The Bucket List“. Apparently, each of them are ill and want to experience adventures before they “Kick the Bucket”. Hence, “The Bucket List.”

It got me to thinking about my own Bucket List. I haven’t really made one, but I have thoughts and ideas tucked away of things I would love to do and accomplish. So, without further adieu:

My Bucket List

1. Win the Pulitzer Prize for Best Fiction
for “The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road”

2. Write a One Woman Show for Broadway
Subject is in my mind, but yet to put pen to paper.

3. Create an Invention, Patent it and Sell it.
In progress (beginning stages)

4. Play in the World Poker Tour
In progress (beginning stages)

5. Travel to Thailand to actually walk Loi Kroh Road
We’ll see, not sure I could fly for that long.

6. Create a Creative Writing Camp for Kids
Would love to take those “odd ducks” and have them realize how unique they are.

7. Have “The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road” made into a film.
Anyone know how to contact Sir Anthony Hopkins?

8. Learn how to fly an airplane
I think that would be so cool!

9. Be Invited to Oprah’s show to discuss “The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road”
C’mon, you knew that was coming didn’t you?

10. Tour Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West, Florida.
I want to see his 6 toed cats too!

11. Last but certainly not least, Before I die, I want to belly laugh.

Really laugh where the tears come and you are holding your stomach.

I want to appreciate the greatest of gifts as well as the smallest.

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?
Taryn Simpson is a full-time ghostwriter specializing in writing of novels and marketing pieces.

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For those who haven’t heard…Dan Fogelberg passed away from Cancer at 6am this morning. He died with his wife, Jean by his side at home in Maine. He was 56 years old.

He leaves behind a wealth of songs and artistry. For me? I was slow to warm up to his music, but I remember when I did get hooked. The songs were “Stars” and “To the Morning.”

Dan also used to lived in Kingston Springs, Tennessee which is about 30 minutes outside Nashville. Hearing stories around town of when he lived here made him feel like a neighbor even if he didn’t live next door to me. I’ll miss Dan. Thanks for the music and lyrics.

To The Morning

by Dan Fogelberg
Watching the sun…watching it come Watching it come up over the rooftops
Cloudy and warm…maybe a storm You can never quite tell from the morning


And it’s going to be a day There is really no way to say no to the morning
Yes it’s going to be a day There is really nothing left to say but come on morning
Waiting for mail Maybe a tale from an old friend or even a lover Sometimes there’s none
But we have fun thinking of all who might have written


And maybe there are seasons And maybe they change
And maybe to love is not so strange

The sounds of the day Now they hurry away Now they are gone until tomorrow
When day will break and you will wake And you will rake your hands across your eyes and realize

That it’s going to be a day There is really no way to say no to the morning
Yes it’s going to be a day

There is really nothing left to say but come on morning
And maybe there are seasons and maybe they change
And maybe to love is not so strange
Dan Fogelberg
1951 – 2007

Come on Mornin, indeed….Rest in Peace.

Taryn Simpson is a freelance ghostwriter who will miss Dan Fogelberg terribly.

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By popular demand, I am offering some Southernisms for some Holiday Cheer!

Ann Richard-ism: “Poor George, He was born with a silver foot in his mouth”

Translation: None Needed. He’s an idiot.


Southernism: “I’m going to have a Come To Jesus meeting with Ralph”

Translation: I’m going to have a heart to heart conversation with Ralph.


Southernism: “If you don’t shut up, I’ll shoot and take you from a rooster to a hen with one shot! And, don’t think I can’t do it!” Dolly Parton

Translation: If you refuse to be quiet, I’ll shoot you in a strategic area that will cause you to speak in a high voice for life. And don’t think I can’t do it.

Statement: “I feel sure I got the job”

Southernism Response: “There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.”

Translation: You can’t be certain until an offer is made.

Southernism: “We’re in a mell of a hess”

Translation: I don’t wish to curse, but I intend to say, “We’re in a Hell of a Mess”.

Southernism: The printer is printing documents wampy- jawed.

Translation: The printer is printing documents in a crooked fashion

Southernism: “Wash up as far as possible, wash as far down as possible, then be sure to wash possible.”

Translation: Take a shower or bath and be sure to wash your groin area.

Southernism: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”

Translation: It’s best to secure a sure thing rather than rely on a possibility.

Mamaw-ism: “A problem is like white meat. The more you chew on it, the bigger it gets.”

Translation: The more you think about your problems, the more it will consume all of your thoughts.


Southernism: “I’m so hungry, my stomach’s touchin’ my backbone”

Translation: I’m very hungry, I haven’t eaten anything all day.

Mamaw-ism: “I see said the blind man to his deaf and dumb dog”

Translation: The statement you made doesn’t make any sense.

Southernism: “Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone’s got one.”

Translation: Everyone is going to have an opinion.

Mom-ism: “I could squeeze a nickel so hard, I could make the buffalo take a crap.”

Translation: I’m very frugal with money.

Southernism: “That boy’s not right. He’s one fry short of a happy meal”

Translation: That boy doesn’t seem to have all his mental facilities.


Another humorous southern infested blog by Taryn Simpson

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I don’t know if the writers that lurk here have been to a therapist or not, but I personally think they not only add value to your state of emotional well being, but they add value to your writing as well. At least, in my case.

I tend to look at my shrink as my “emotional coach”. You have a coach for working out, learning new skills, mentoring and so on….why not an emotional coach? And, lets face it, if you have a clear head, your writing improves automatically. The trick is to let yourself absorb the value, take a deep breath and plow ahead in your emotional journey. A good emotional coach will touch nerves at times and that is good. It’s like doing spring cleaning, no one likes to do it, but it looks and feels great after you do it.

So, if any of you in cyberspace are thinking of seeing a therapist, do it. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Ernest Hemingway would have sought help so long ago.

There’s no rule that writers have to be tortured.

Taryn Simpson is a freelance ghostwriter – visit her online presskit at http://www.Taryn-Simpson.blogspot.com

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