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Welcome to the September 30, 2007 edition of writers from across the blogosphere!

Hungry Writer presents R-E-S-P-E-C-T posted at Writing For Food.

‘Colorado’ Gumi presents Chap. 1 – ‘Proto-Gin’ posted at The History of Gin, saying, “This Blogger, who ‘claims’ not to be a famous writer, says it’s a biography of a young woman in an existential
world. . .but aren’t ALL Blogs about that???”

Roseate presents Review My Blog For TWO Link Backs posted at Make Money Online At Roseate Marketing Tips.

Eldon Sarte presents Mobile Writers: Do You Really Need a Laptop? posted at Wordpreneur.com.

Salman Siddiqui presents Is Increased Usage Of Computers Isolating People? The Verdict! posted at CompuWorld.

Michael presents Upon Meeting The 100% Perfect Moncton Girl posted at project hitchhiker.

Dannie Phiri presents Daniso Mapiri technotalks…sort of – Daniso’s Rants, Mumbles and Whatevers posted at Daniso Mapiri technotalks…sort of.


Lucynda Riley presents El Dorado posted at The Traveling Man.

FitBuff presents How to Speed Up Your Metabolism posted at FitBuff.com’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, “A slow metabolism can do more than just add inches to your waistline. It can increase overall lethargy in your body, possibly leading to depression and other health-related problems.

But, there’s good news: There ARE ways to speed up your metabolic rate for increased energy, fitness, and overall health!”

Admin presents Anything Goes & General News: Britney Spears in the Bathroom posted at Anything Goes & General News, saying, “What really went down when Britney Spears asked a photographer to join her in a restaurant bathroom? It’s widely rumored that she asked for a tampon. According to the story, and it’s simply not true.

Cameras swarmed Spears when she popped into a Quizno’s in Brentwood to use their restroom on Monday afternoon. When she was done using the facilities, she called to a cameramen waiting outside to join her. Adnan, a Finalpixx photographer, taped his closed door exchange with Britney.”


Ashok presents Rethink.: Some Personal Notes re: Shakespeare, Sonnet 18 posted at Rethink., saying, “Why write? Shakespeare gives an ambiguous answer about whether writing enshrines a memory forever in “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day,” I think.”


Ashok presents Rethink.: What Constitutes Plagiarism Exactly? posted at Rethink., saying, “How should we judge what is plagiarism and what isn’t, and what should guide our sentiments on the matter?”

Elvis D presents Generations posted at 365fiction.

Ant presents Guarantee Your Sites Page Rank posted at The Beef Jerky Blog.

Elvis D presents Forum posted at 365fiction.

Elvis D presents Dirty Old Man posted at 365fiction.

Eric Michael Johnson presents The Feeling of What Happens posted at The Primate Diaries.

Phil B. presents Blog Carnivals « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “Do you want to drive more traffic to your blog? Well, I have a really.. REALLY easy way. And no, this is not a gimmick.”

Christi presents Analysis of a Blog Reader posted at Blogging Writer.

Terry Dean presents Finding Your Unique Ability posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Michael Fowke presents Deranged bankers in the City of London posted at Money is the way, saying, “A blog post from the Arthur Rimbaud of finance.”

book reviews

GrrlScientist presents Why Don’t Woodpeckers Get Headaches? posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “by Mike O’Connor, this delightful little book answers a whole flock of offbeat questions posed by people who love birds.”

GrrlScientist presents Peterson Reference Guides: Gulls of the Americas posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “by Steve N. G. Howell and Jon Dunn, this is the definitive reference work that teaches the art and skill of identifying gull species that occur throughout the Americas.”

GrrlScientist presents The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “a review of the book by Natalie Angier. This book explores the basics of all the sciences from to physics to cosmology.”

GrrlScientist presents The Body Has a Mind of Its Own posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, “A review of the book by Sandra Blakeslee and Matthew Blakeslee, that explores the fascinating concept of body maps; the relationship between mind, body and environment.”


Peter N. Jones presents Marketing Your Book DeMystified: New Book Explains All posted at Great New Books that Are a Must Read.

Scott H presents Top Ten Most Popular Books in College posted at College and Finance.


Linda Martin presents Writing Festival Friday #2 – Featuring Donna Alice Patton posted at Linda Jo Martin.


Dawn Xiana Moon presents Kid-Friendly Food posted at Dawn Xiana Moon: Randomness.

Cheryl Snyder Taragin presents Goatse is a Hoax and Other Internet Disinformation posted at The Spewker, saying, “I find the whole concept of Internet Disinformation amusing. So easy to check facts, and yet, people don’t. Bloggers should have a moral code of ethics.”

Warren Wong presents Why You Should Show Appreciation posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “Why you should show appreciation for the little things people do and how to go about doing it.”


Sonia Simone presents Make something for its own sake posted at remarkable communication, saying, “A creative mindset—the mindset that makes a thing because you want that thing to exist—is more likely to make something useful and exciting. Look for that feeling—”I want it because I want it.” See if you can find something juicy and real there.”

politics/current events

Sheppard Salter presents Does T.V. Make You ?Soft In The Head?? posted at salterblog.com.

Alex Landis presents Cyber Bias: The Threat of a Two-Tiered Internet posted at AlexLandis.com, saying, “A two-tiered internet is getting closer and threatens the network neutrality principle, and freedom of speech on the internet itself.”


Madeleine Begun Kane presents Fantasy Dear Editor Letter posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.


Elvis D presents Interview posted at 365fiction.

Elvis D presents Uprising posted at 365fiction.

Charlotte Rains Dixon presents LA: It’s a Different Writing World posted at Word Strumpet, saying, “Visit my blog for all kinds of information and commentary on writing fiction, articles, SEO copy, novels, creativity and journaling, plus books and authors.”

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Matthew Cory presents Free Novel; Short Stories Anyways; I?m Done posted at Chocolate For Dogs, saying, “I’m not completely sure if this is appropriate or not; a friend of mine suggested I submit to you. I’m actually trying to submit my novel, if possible (though I’d ‘settle’ for the blog in general). Please contact me with any questions or recommendations, and I apologize if this is a little out of place.”

Elvis D presents Speedy Date posted at 365fiction.

Tim King presents Episode 1: How to Stay Out of Jail in One Easy Lesson, Chapter 1 | The Conscience of Abe’s Turn posted at The Conscience of Abe’s Turn, saying, “The first part in a new online drama serial, The Conscience of Abe’s Turn. It’s about a group of friends and civil rights activists who live in the fictional town of Abe’s Turn. Abe’s Turn needs a conscience.”

sethpollins presents The Queen Bully of Garlic posted at FoodVibe.

Doris Chua presents The Sebel Suites, Auckland posted at Doris on Travels.

Mike White presents Effective Communication Skills posted at Life According to Mike White, saying, “Tips on effective communication and presentation skills”

Elvis D presents A Director?s Life posted at 365fiction.

Elvis D presents An Actor?s Life posted at 365fiction.

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I have been hard at work on a complete revision of my novel Reply All. It started when I got a thoughtful and constructive rejection from a really great agent whose main issue was that he didn’t know where the book would go on a bookstore’s shelves. He also had some problems with the basic structure of the novel, which is a cross-generational story about how a mother’s adolescent freakout led to the child’s problems and adventures and self-realizations.

The revelation I had, while driving my two dogs up to Little Bennett Regional park here in Maryland, was that the other main character should be female rather than male. When I realized this, I actually felt my heart twist in my chest and I teared up. It was the exact right thing. Not only was it the way out of the box the agent had pointed out–the problem of audience. It was the exact right thing for the novel itself.

The main character is a Nashville session musician, a dobro player. How much hotter is a chick dobro player? The main character after learning the mother’s secrets, goes in search of the three men who could be the father. How much more nuanced is that quest when it’s a girl rather than a guy? As my friend Susan put it, there’s the “bat squeak” of sexuality between a father and daughter. A road trip for a girl even now is more edgy than for a guy. Hanging in bars is edgier for a chick. Talking football is cooler for a girl. Everything is better, including releasing something in me to probe mother-daughter relationships, father-daughter relationships. And the sibling dynamic is much more interesting now that it’s three sisters rather than two sisters and a brother.

AND the change puts the novel firmly in the category of women’s fiction with a whiff of chick lit. Young women will read about their mothers’ lovers. Older women will read about their daughters’ search for themselves. Women will read family sagas. Guys — not so much.

Again, to quote Susan, it’s the beneficial influence of form following function rather than entrapment. In other words, changing the novel to appeal to its true audience is not a sell-out; it’s taking the story to a higher level.

All this said, don’t think I’ve abandoned Robert for Vivi without a pang. I always thought Faulkner was talking about bits of writing you like very very much when he said writers must be strong enough to “slay their darlings.” I never thought of actually killing off your darling characters. I’ve slain characters before without much of a pang, but Robert is different. I love him. And he now goes into a strange half-life, literary limbo, because he’ll always BE there. He just doesn’t go on with this novel. It’s very sad.

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I ordered 4 of my books, “The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road” and submitted them to Columbia University in New York City.

I will find out if my fateful collaboration with Alan Solomon will win a Pulitzer for ‘Best Fiction next spring. Crossed appendages all.

Here is PART TWO OF THE MANGO TREE CAFE, LOI KROH ROAD You Tube video. Best all=

Ms. Simpson’s online press kit may be viewed at http://www.Taryn-Simpson.blogspot.com Cheers!

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I have been busily marketing myself these days. I have made videos that advertise my skills and posted them on You Tube. I’ve done “cold emailing” to my clients, applied for temp work at agencies, which I swore I would never do, but my mortgage is calling me.

The writing season has been EXTREMELY slow, or at least that is what I am experiencing. I’ve started books for clients and then, whoops, they lost their jobs and can’t pay. Is anyone else experiencing this? In the meantime, feel free to take a look at my You Tube video and mention it to anyone who needs a writer!

Ms. Simpson is a freelance writer who is needing to pay her mortgage. Won’t you please assist her by referring work to her? Feel free to review her online presskit: http://www.Taryn-Simpson.blogspot.com

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From CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2007/SHOWBIZ/books/09/17/obit.jordan.ap/index.html?iref=newssearch

“‘Wheel of Time’ author dead at 58

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (AP) — Author Robert Jordan, whose “Wheel of Time” series of fantasy novels sold millions of copies, has died of a rare blood disease, his aide said Monday. He was 58.

Jordan, whose real name was James Oliver Rigney Jr., died Sunday at the Medical University of South Carolina of complications from primary amyloidosis with cardiomyopathy, his personal assistant, Maria Simons, said. The disease attacks the body’s major organs; in Jordan’s case, it caused the walls of his heart to thicken.

He wrote a trilogy of historical novels set in Charleston under the pen name Reagan O’Neal in the early 1980s. Then he turned his attention to fantasy and the first volume in his Wheel of Time epic, “The Eye of the World,” was published in 1990 under the name Robert Jordan.

Jordan’s books tells of Rand al’Thor, who is destined to become the champion who will battle ultimate evil in a mythical land.

Book 11, “Knife of Dreams,” came out in 2005; there was also a prequel, “New Spring: The Novel,” in 2004. The other titles in the series include “The Great Hunt,” “Lord of Chaos” and “The Path of Daggers.” Jordan was working on a 12th volume at the time of his death, Simons said.

He is survived by his wife, Harriet McDougal Rigney.”


I would count Robert Jordan as one of the top fantasy authors who got me into writing in the first place. Many criticize that his epic style of writing went overly long–and I myself only got as far as book six of his “WOT” series. But it still is sad to hear he passed away just as he was working on the last book.

This, coupled with Madeline L’engle’s death a week ago, is truly shaping to be a sad month for the fantasy world indeed.

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by Clary Lopez

The time to think about your book promotion is before you start writing it. When you consider your book subject you should consider how big an audience the book might have. Then you need to know where and how to reach that audience. After doing your initial research and deciding that you have a strong audience for the book then you should look at your competition. Find books that have been published with the same theme and see how you can improve or provide even more valuable information not even offered in them. If you are planning to submit the book to publishers make note of who published those books, it’s a good chance that they might be open to publish another book on a proven successful theme.

When you start thinking about outlining your book content think of promotional features to integrate with your book like a CD version, workbook, questionnaire, book club discussion questions, a free report to be downloaded on your website, etc. You want your audience to get in touch with you, in that way you’ll have a way to communicate with them about book signings, contests, workshops or new book releases. Always include your website and e-mail address in your books.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finish your book, publish it and go on to write the next one? I think it is every writer’s dream; however it is not the way it works. To be a successful writer you must treat your craft like any other business. You not only need to produce a product, you need to market it. Marketing doesn’t come naturally to many people but it is an integral part of what we need to do to make money. By being a business owner I’ve learned the quickest way to be successful is to study others who are successful. I’m always looking for the shortcut; I don’t have time to waste.

Networking off and online is a great way to learn your craft. Meeting and sharing experiences with those who are doing what you do and most of all who had some success will help you reach your goals quicker.

There are many ways to connect with other people for one the internet has broken the barrier of time and space. You can communicate globally with like-minded people at any given time. You can communicate by e-mail, instant messaging, chat rooms, web logs, community sites, your website, forums and discussion boards but you must learn how to take advantage of these opportunities to get the results you want.

I’ve seen many authors who sign up for every group, forum, promotions site under the sky and then walk away from it. That your book can be in many sites online doesn’t mean necessarily that your audience will find it. Your participation in such groups and sites is integral to the success of your promotions. Some authors start web logs which they quickly abandon or lose focus of the web log’s theme and start going in twenty different directions. To reach your audience, pick your theme or topic for your web log and stick with it, then post on it regularly.

Networking off-line is also important. You must know your audience and where to find it. Joining writers associations, the Chamber of Commerce, nonprofit organizations related to your interests and any other business associations will put you in front of those more likely to accept your message helping you promote your work effectively.

What I’ve shared with you is just the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot more to learn about book promotion. I would like to say there is no better way than meeting with people who have traveled the path and have been successful at it. Look for ways to find them, read about them and join them in groups and associations and don’t be shy about joining in the discussions. The stupidest question is the one that is never asked. An intelligent question might spark a discussion of something integral to the success of all its members but only if they put it into action.


Clary Lopez is the CEO/Founder of Guerrilla Marketers Café, Free Book Promotion site.
She is an author, moderator and publicist. You can contact her at guerrilla@clarylopez.com or join her on her sites http://guerrilla.clarylopez.com, http://www.lulu.com/guerrilla and her official author site http://clarylopez.com Clary’s new book, BookPromo Guerrilla Style will be released soon.


(Copyright by Clary Lopez, 2006. Reprint Rights granted to those who will post it in its entirety including the byline and without changing any of its content)

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I would count Madeline L’Engle as an author who got me into writing. I read her books as a kid, yes and deeply loved them. But it wasn’t until I read “Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art” several years ago that I began to seriously think about writing again. I had always meant to write a letter to her thanking her for writing the book, but I also knew she was sick for the longest time, so I didn’t.

Rest in Peace, Ms. L’Engle. Your books were such a great inspiration to me. I know one day we’ll meet in heaven and we’ll talk face to face, you and I.

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So September is upon us. I’ve been feeling like I’m in a back-to-school mentality mode, though I have no reason to–my only child isn’t in school yet. And I’m not planning to start the edits on my novel until October, giving me a full three months for it to sit and percolate.

I haven’t been completely bored. I’ve been working on some fun freewrites that have turned into stories. Some of them I’ve been doing for contests, some just out of pure fun.

Mainly, though, I’ve been pondering how long I can do this. This whole “full-time writer”, work at home mother thing.

Don’t get me wrong. Being a stay-at-home mother is awesome. In staying home, I’m doing something valuable for my son. I’m extremely grateful for my hubby, who works very, very hard at his job, to allow me to do this. I really have no desire yet to re-enter the workforce. Granted, I had fun and I was good at being an administrative assistant. In staying home and working on my writing projects, I have a chance that so few writers get–some allotted time to focus on their work (albeit it is interrupted many times by “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”)

But being the worrywort that I am, I’m also looking towards the future. My kid won’t be a toddler forever. He seems to be racing towards independence faster than I can chase him. Just this week, we finally took down his crib and put up a bed, and that has opened new avenues for him to race down (with his mommy desperately panting behind him). Soon, my kid will be in preschool, and I will find myself with wondering, what now?

Should I continue to be a stay-at-home mom? Is it possible that I can bring in some extra money working at home? How can I do that and focus on writing at the same time? I know that you could never get rich writing fiction, but at the same time, I don’t want to get burned out working as a freelancer. I don’t know how to teach, nor do I have a desire to. So if I need to go to work and continue to write, what are my options? What, exactly, is a perfect job for a writer?

Perhaps the whole point will be moot. By the time next year rolls around, I could be flat on my back pushing out another kid. Or I could be working part-time at a cafe. Or full-time as a secretary again. Or maybe, just maybe, my novel will be such a big hit that I will become the next J.K. Rowling, and I will be rolling in money. Maybe get a huge house with servants. Make it so I will never have to work again. Just sit on the beach and crank out books.

Or maybe the Apocalypse will come instead.

Time is precious. What is happening today could be completely different a day, a month, a year from now. As writers, we need to be strong managers of our time, whether the time we allotted for write is only 15 minutes, or whether it’s several hours. We need to decide when we should work hard and when it’s okay for us to take time off to rest. It’s all equally good. But whatever we decide, we need to use the time wisely.

Hmm. Maybe I should move my novel editing phase up by a week. Then again, I do want to finish these stories and get them out the door. But I shouldn’t rush through them. Oh no. I think I’ll just take my own, sweet time.

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