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I received this from Eric D. Goodman, author of Tracks, and would like to pass it along to all of the readers, writers, authors, etc. that visit The Writers’ Block. You can visit his blog, www.writeful.blogspot.com, to read more about him and his work.

Hello! I need your help, and it will only take a moment.

Tracks, my novel in stories, is a contestant in what The New York Times called “American Idol” for writers. Winning would mean a book contract with Simon and Schuster.

I need you to read and rate chapter one. Just go to the link below, register (it only takes a minute). Then read & rate chapter one of Tracks.

Here’s the link.


Tracks takes place on an Amtrak train traveling from Baltimore to Chicago . Each chapter is told from the perspective of a passenger on the train.

The chapters stand alone as stories, but they become stronger when linked together. A secondary character in one chapter becomes the main character in another. Some stories offer new insights on others. The stories look at the decisions each character faces and how those decisions, as well as each character’s interactions with the other passengers, alter the path ahead and cast past experiences and choices in a new light.

Chapter one, “Reset,” Opens with Gene Silverman, a shady character who has learned to restart his life when he needs to. Before the novel ends, he’ll need to reset his course once more. Tracks focuses on Gene again in chapter three … through another character’s eyes.

Although entirely unique, Tracks is similar in nature to Joan Silber’s National Book Award finalist Ideas of Heaven: a ring of stories.

Hop aboard! Visit the link to read and rate Chapter one of Tracks! Invite your friends to do the same.

I hope you enjoy the ride.



Eric D. Goodman


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