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This review came out last month, but I think it’s perfect to post closer to Halloween! Enjoy.

Sept. 2007. Bookgasm: Reading Material To Get Excited About
Bookgasm is a review site of speculative fiction, including comic books and magazines. Edited by Rodd Lott.

portraits in dark review
Perhaps Nancy O. Greene’s PORTRAITS IN THE DARK is about what you don’t see in the darkness. Her short vignettes try to shine some light on what we’re quick to dismiss, ignore, or avoid, and her slim collection of short stories provides a wonderful road map to the damaged psyche.

Greene is a writer in bloom. Crisp and vivid – like old black-and-white photographs you find in a drawer you were never meant to look into – each story sets up an interesting scenario, often leaving you with more questions than answers … and wanting more. The only drawback with her stories is that they’re too short. If the fascinating tales in PORTRAITS IN THE DARK are any indication what we can expect, her full-length work will be something to read.

Greene’s PORTRAITS IN THE DARK proves she’s a budding talent. Anything that has me thinking after I read it stays in my library. –Matt Adder

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