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Welcome to the February 4, 2007 edition of the writers’ block carnival. This is the first Blog Carnival on The Writers’ Block. Hope you enjoy getting to see some of the other blogs out there that are presented in The Writers’ Block carnival editions! The link to submit your own blog articles can be found at the bottom of this edition.


Chris Dolley presents Virtual Book Tour: Chris Roberson at the Astraldome posted at Author Chris Dolley’s Page.

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DWSUWF presents Da Bears Song in Prose posted at Divided We Stand United We Fall, saying, “As this is the most “literary” of my blogging efforts to date. I thought I would submit this two-parter for your consideration. Depending on whether you post before or after the game – my predicitons may not “bear” scrutiny.”


Will Chen presents Ethnic Markets: Feel worldly for cheap posted at Wisebread, saying, “Tannaz is working on a Jewish-Iranian cookbook in order to preserve the rich (and delicious) cultural heritage of her people. You can find early drafts of her work on WiseBread.com and tannazie.blogspot.com.”


Dennis Mickley presents A Beginning posted at Free Fudgie, saying, “The beginning of a writer’s career, doubts entailed, etc.”

Elizabeth Wrobel presents How to Give into Writer’s Block and Make It Work for You posted at Little Cottage in the Northwoods (A Writer’s Paradise).

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