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My partner and I have decided to self-publish and with good reason. The Beijing Book Fair is coming up in August and my partner would like to pander our wares to book sellers.

We also decided to self-publish because of a newsletter I received yesterday. It was from a well-known author that stated she published with Lulu.com because no one, including agents and publishers would pay attention to her because she was a “nobody”. She began self publishing her book and sent it to another author with better connections and she was blown away.

This blown away author sent it to her agent who in turn sent it to a large publishing house who decided to buy it. That’s the way it is these days…unless you have the collateral to appease a Simon and Schuster or Random House, authors have to fend for themselves and show that “the proof is in the pudding”.

This powerful book (if I do say so myself) will be offered shortly on Barnes and Noble and Amazon as well as the blog. When that happens, you can rest asuured that I will blab all about it right here.

Just think; 1 author in Beijing, China; the other in Nashville, TN, 1 internet connection = 1 helluva good read.

Taryn Simpson is a professional ghostwriter and has recently completed a novel with her writing partner, Alan Solomon, “The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road”. Keep up with the latest on the book and how it fares at the Beijing, China Book Fair. http://www.MangoTreeCafe-LoiKrohRoad.blogspot.com

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I’m putting together my March newsletter and I like to declare a deserving soul as “Writer of the Month.” So. Tell me why you should be “Writer of the Month”.

A paragraph will do, telling me about your writing, business or whatever you do in the craft of writing. Send me an email to TSim681157@aol.com with this info and a link you would like me to include and I will do so.

I’ll announce the winner on March 1st in The Writer’s Pub.
Good Luck! (Free advertising kids, my favorite four lettered “F” word)

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This question is open for anyone who wants to offer ideas. What is the most effective means you have ever found to market your writing services?

Did you just blog yourself to death? Maybe you googled your blog or website with ads which may or may not reap customers or hits.

C’mon….I’m looking for a “Whoa! I’m getting some interest here…” type of tips. Is there such a thing? I’m suddenly feeling very much like Carrie from Sex in the City. You know, Sarah Jessica Parker faking her typing on a laptop that she never backed up….and was supposedly a professional writer.

Everyone out there DOES backup right? Ok….back to it.

I’ve just finished my newsletter for February (yes, I do a newsletter for business too). Drop by and see what you think: http://www.thewriterspub.blogspot.com

Don’t forget to visit my Virtual Store too….(yep, I do that too.) There is a direct link on my blog: http://www.Musings-From-A-Writer.blogspot.com

So, I have a newsletter, a blog, ebooks (yep….), a virtual store….what am I missing?

Signing off as Carrie (Taryn)

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Just a quick note to check out my Newsletter: “The Writer’s Pub”. There are articles about marketing, writing, trivia and lots and lots of great links.

By the way, if you would like to contribute to my newsletter in the future, please send articles (or whatever you would like) to me by the 3rd week of each month. Remember, the more you contribute to other sites, the more your name gets out there! Be sure to leave comments!

I also have a “Featured Writer” section. Write me and tell me why YOU should be my Featured Writer and you just might see yourself featured along with a plug for your website, book or other products.

The Cheers! Section is to announce good news among our ranks. If you have celebrated a promotion, book deal, new client, new blog, anything! Let me know and you will see your “shout out!”. CHEERS!

The Writer’s Pub: CLICK HERE

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