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The outrageous case of the Judge suing Soo Chung, Jin Nam Chung, and Ki Y over a pair of supposedly lost pants has come to an end. For once, a person in the wrong manipulating the law has gotten just what is deserved. Pearson will not receive a penny of the $54 million for which he was suing the small business owners over a pair of pants to a suit that cost him around $1000, and he is ordered to pay court costs.

This case was a sad, sorry example and as many have said, that “judge” should be ashamed of his actions. When they tried to pay him for his loss, that should have been the end of it; if their service was truly so poor, it would be easy enough to go to another cleaner and warn others of the possible bad service. If this case hadn’t received worldwide attention, I hope that the results would have been the same. For someone to abuse their knowledge and post in such a way is terrible.

The Chung family is having a fundraiser soon because this case, which has been going on years, has left them in financial trouble, aside from the emotional turmoil they have been put through. Maybe they should consider a lawsuit against Pearson.

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